Double down on competition for 2 times growth [video]

Double down on competition to double your growth. I've always been a fan of ignoring the competition, but you can double your growth by having a smart focus on competition.   The hard data We have around 1700 active plans in our two databases (860 + 851). I analyse those plans almost every day and find so much gold! And every week, I share the best nugget I've found in that week. Here's something you're going to want to know about: You can include or exclude competition analysis in your Funnel Plan - it's an READ MORE

How to beat the competition [video]

Today we're going to have a look at how to beat the competition, and I'm going to show you why the best way to beat the competition is to completely ignore them and focus instead on your customer and the problems that they face. How to beat the competition? Here are my recommended six steps: 1- Understand your customers before worrying about understanding your competitors. 2- Be blisteringly clear about what problem you're solving for those customers, the market. 3- Be just as clear about who that problem most affects. You should really only be targeting READ MORE

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