How to leave voicemails that actually get call backs [video]

We’ve recently been discussing how to earn a new meeting. In this week’s show, we’ll explore the best B2B voicemail script for complex sales. In complex B2B, a full-time and well-skilled outbound cold caller might manage one or two conversations a day. A sales professional that gives cold calling only one or two hours a day might be lucky to have one or two calls per week where they actually conversed with the right person. How do we improve not the conversion rate but the conversation rate? If your marketing is really delivering for you, then you READ MORE

Ask pain funnel questions in the right order [video]

The best pain funnel questions, asked at the wrong time, will lose you a deal you might have won if you’d asked them in the right order. Popular sales training company Sandler uses the term ‘pain funnel questions’ to describe the questions a sales person should ask. I’m going to show you today that their questions are good enough. If you master these good-enough questions, you'll go a long way to succeeding in sales. And if ‘good enough’ is good enough, then have a go at mastering pain funnel questions. But if you want to excel, READ MORE

Best cold email template and 7 steps to build it [Video]

Cold calls suck. Sales people hate them and buyers hate them. The hit rate is unsurprisingly low, and the process is demoralising. But if you have to, be smart about overcoming the common barriers by using a proven cold email template. A buyer who has stuck their hand up will always be more valuable than one whose profile suggests they should have their hand up. So avoid cold calls if you can. Use referrals or shape your marketing to condition the market for you and flush out those who are ready for a proper discussion. But READ MORE

8 tips for writing the best cold sales email [video]

In a perfect world, sales would only be following up leads that marketing had generated. In an even more perfect world, it would only be Inside Sales, not Sales, making that first human approach. But if, in the real world you need to make cold sales emails, how do you do it? The first thing we need to remember is that we're interrupting them. That means that we have to be brief, we have to cut through, and we have to move them. But who's them, and how and to where do we move them? 5 READ MORE

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