3 ways to use personalised video as a marketing tactic

With so much of our marketing automated these days, how do you become really, really personal? I'm going to show you how to get very personal with your market today using  personalised video. Three ways to use personalised video as a marketing tactic: You’re talking to a prospect and you want to show that you’ve done your homework, you really understand them, things that they’re trying to deal with, and you wanted to appeal very personally to earn the right to a meeting with a high-quality target, or high-value target.  A "how to" video using screen share. READ MORE

Never copy marketing tactics

Should you copy marketing tactics from a competitor or your own past successes? The answer is categorically "no", and I'll show you why. I'll also show you how to build a tailored campaign based on your unique market segments instead! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2xVxeaWhOE We all learn from each other, and the more experience you accumulate, the more value you bring to your company. So, copying is inevitable. Today I'm going to show you two strategy examples that show why copying marketing tactics - at least copying in their entirety, is not the way to go. Who matters just as much READ MORE

5 Reasons Why Events are a Must-Do B2B Marketing Tactic

At align.me, we run a lot of B2B marketing events – for ourselves and for our Marketing Services clients These range from small, boardroom discussions with just a handful of prospects in a room; to larger, forum-style events with various decision makers and companies in attendance. Regardless of the size or format, the objective is always the same: to get a bunch of targeted individuals together, and have them acknowledge the problems they face in their business – problems that we, surprise surprise, happen to be well-equipped to solve. Although events require a lot of preparation READ MORE

4x engagement from good customer onboarding for SaaS

Woo hoo! A hundred new trial users signed up to your application. Do you celebrate? Not yet. I want to explain the benefits of customer onboarding for SaaS (software as a service). Signing up for a trial is obviously a long way short of the finish line. Converting these trial users to paid subscribers is a clear next focus. But even paid users aren't over the line yet, either. The moment of purchase or trial is just the start of a mini journey. We need to get the user to the next incremental value as fast READ MORE

Cold email templates [video]

We were asked to look at cold email templates for B2B. We found 16, and unpacked what we think the essential common elements are of the recommendations. We've added one really critical missing ingredients. It's important. We've added it in, and we've created our own template that you can base your own cold email template on. Today, I'm going to start with the conclusions right up front, then I'll give you the research that led to those conclusions, and then finally I'll end with our cold email template for B2B. Here's what we learned: Provide a benefit READ MORE

CRM B2B [video]

CRM for B2B is different. A good B2B CRM is built for the sales people first. That's despite all my strongly held beliefs about alignment. There is simply no point getting marketing and sales aligned around CRM if the sales people won't use the CRM, so start with a good B2B CRM is going to be designed for sales people first. Frankly the next time I hear somebody say, "B2B and B2C are the same", I am going to scream. The only people who ever utter such rubbish are consumer marketers who haven't got deep experience of READ MORE

Lead generation email example [video]

  Email remains a killer lead generation tactic, despite everything that's new. And so in this episode, I've assembled five great lead generation email examples and I offer seven steps to completely nailing email lead generation. Here are my seven steps to powerful B2B lead generation, born from those five great lead generation email examples and a bit of thinking. Step one: build campaigns for each segment and divert the traffic to those campaign paths early in their cycle. Two: offer the most valuable, most personalized lead bait you can afford to build. I'll give you some READ MORE

B2B email examples and 8 actionable tips [video]

Email marketing remains one of the most effective tools in a B2B marketer's arsenal, but what really works? Today, let me share with you some great B2B email examples and eight actionable steps that you can take to improve your B2B emails. Let me start with the tips first. There are eight of them. The first tip is make it all about them, not you. Pack as much unique value into your email as you can, but invert the triangle, that is, pack the value into the beginning. Use as few words as you can, but as READ MORE

Brand identity template for B2B [video]

Brand matters. It matters to you and it matters to your customers, what you stand for, and how you stand for those things really does matter, but how do you create a brand that really stands out? That's why in today's show, I'll give you a great brand identity template for B2B. This week we're going to take a look at brand and specifically through the lens of brand identity template. We'll look at 50 brand identity templates and synthesize them, and then explain why they fundamentally, all of them collectively and individually miss the mark, completely READ MORE

Eight tactics to improve conversion and dominate your market

If you can't make your funnel flow faster, can you lose fewer buyers throughout their journey? We've argued on recent blogs why you can't speed up your buyer just because you have quotas to meet, but that you can improve your conversion rates. We had a ton of email requests for specific tactics. So this week we're making a series of specific tactical recommendations to improve your conversion rates throughout the funnel. Want to receive more blogs like this? Subscribe to our twice weekly B2B marketing insights! Get your copy of our 2014 Sales and Marketing Alignment Report

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