Search or display advertising for B2B [video]

Should you use search or display ads for B2B? And what should the landing page offer? Should you follow up with telemarketing or an email sequence? We're going to answer those questions in this blog. So, should you use search or display ads for B2B? You probably already know I'm going to say "it depends". But I'm not going to duck the question. It depends on only one thing, and it's easy to get your head around this topic. I'll show you how to think about it, then what you should be doing with keywords, landing page READ MORE

Best B2B advertising tactics

With so many digital advertising options available to a B2B marketer, and so few dollars to spend, what are the best B2B advertising tactics worth spending your time and effort on? We've done a whole lot of online advertising for and for our clients - and here's our pick for the 7 best advertising tactics for B2B, in order of importance: Remarketing website visitors Retargeting on social platforms Lookalike retargeting Custom lists Search Lookalike customers and prospects Display There's our top 7. But before we go into those tactics specifically, let me first talk about digital READ MORE

B2B advertising [video]

  Unlike in consumer marketing where advertising may will be your first choice, in B2B marketing, often advertising is the last tactic that you’ll choose, but that’s not to mean that it’s not a great tactic. It’s not to mean that we still don’t need to master it like we need to master every other tactic. Today, I’m going to take a look at some great examples of B2B ads, some papers on what works and why, and give you some conclusion for you to use B2B advertising effectively for your business. Let me start with a READ MORE

B2B advertising strategy in 7 steps [video]

You don't need any more leads. Seriously, you don't need any more leads. Well, at least you don't need any of the wrong kind of leads. Your B2B advertising strategy needs to be set to generate more of the right kind of prospects. There's simply no point spending any money on dealing with leads, generating or dealing with leads of the wrong sort. With digital advertising, you get so much immediate and powerful feedback that you'll very quickly get absorbed into the ideation, creation, testing, measurement, improvement cycle, and that's a good thing. It'll generate great results, READ MORE

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