B2B marketing may have universal properties. Physicist Geoffrey West has found that simple, mathematical laws govern the properties of cities — that wealth, crime rate, walking speed and many other aspects of a city can be deduced from a single number: the city’s population. In this mind-bending talk from TEDGlobal he shows how it works and how similar laws hold for organisms and corporations. Enjoy the video, then our views on how this phenomenon plays out in the world of the funnel.

The universality Geoffrey West (and his collaborators) speaks of applies equally to the funnel. That is, funnels behave in a predictable way for all companies, and they change in predictable ways based on known levers like maturity of the market, whether the company is positioned. We are compiling a database of funnels – the plans for hundreds of companies whose go to market plans can be distilled into data. Strategies, velocities, tactics can all be distilled to data.

If you are interested in contributing to our thinking, drop us a note and we’ll explore how this might affect your business.