3 August, 2009, Melbourne, VIC, AU – Due to high levels of demand, align.me is pleased to announce that Funnel Forum – Turning Leads to Revenue: In the right number, and the right quality, using proven processes – will be held on two dates in September:

  • 9th September – US Eastern 3.30pm
  • 10th September – AEST 11.00am

Funnel Master Hugh Macfarlane has teamed up again with his friend and marketing ROI guru Jim Lenskold to deliver crisp new insights into global best practice on turning leads into revenue.

As recognized leaders in marketing best practice, Jim and Hugh have shared the virtual stage many times before having presented webinars to enthralled audiences and delivered a series of popular joint white papers via MarketingProfs.

Why not take just 45 minutes – in the comfort of your own office – to unlock the keys to turning leads into revenue?

You’ll learn how to:

  • Predict – and change – the future using a simple funnel model
  • Use lead quality to increase profitability and marketing ROI
  • Use lead quality to close objective gaps
  • Add the missing elements of lead quality scoring with predictive modeling
  • Use your funnel metrics and lead quality qualifications to guide marketing strategies and tactical decisions

Attend, and align.me will also conduct a free analysis of your current sales funnel. They’ll build a disarmingly clear model of your funnel that projects your growth over the next 3 years, based on your current effectiveness. The results will confront you, but also inform what you need to change if you want to see real results. They’ll present your funnel, their analysis and the identified gaps to you and your team so you can agree what needs to change.

Places are strictly limited.


About align.me

Over 250 projects, eleven years and four continents, align.me has helped many companies to ramp the performance of their Sales and Marketing engines with clear plans and the skills to execute.

Our network of experienced and highly trained planning and training consultants (we call them Funnel Coaches) operate across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. They have the tools, processes, and experience to help you to accelerate the growth of your business.

Funnel Coaches follow a proven methodology, and can ramp the performance of your Sales and Marketing engine by:

  • Helping you to create a blisteringly clear sales and marketing plan that the whole team buys into; and
  • Ensuring you execute that plan with precision, by increasing your team’s skills with proven marketing training and sales training.

Clients include AXA, CA, Canon, Ernst & Young, GE, IBM, NEC, Nokia, Oracle, SAP, Sony, Telstra, Vodafone and World Vision.

These businesses were wrestling with at least once of a number of common problems:

  • They lack a clear plan for growth;
  • Their team has gaps in their B2B marketing skills;
  • Members of their team just don’t ‘get it’; or
  • Sales and Marketing are not aligned.

In addressing these common problems, align.me created Funnel Logic. Developed as a unique approached to sales and marketing, Funnel Logic unlocks the keys to B2B growth by:

  • Understanding the buying process (we call it the Buyer’s Journey);
  • Knowing how many buyers need to take each step and over what time;
  • Selecting tactics capable of moving buyers through these steps; and
  • Measuring the actual results and continuously improving.