May 14, 2009, New York City, NY – is pleased to announce the appointment of Richard Barnett, of Apnav Consulting Inc., as an accredited Funnel Coach.

After successfully completing his sales and delivery accreditation in New York City on the 17th of April, Barnett will now sell and deliver Funnel Academy and Funnel Camp across Minnesota and surrounds.

Richard specialises in improving sales force performance though proven business processes. He is particularly knowledgeable in the area of global project pursuit and enhancing performance of international sales channels. He has a wealth of first hand experience in the area of selling automation products for international projects. He is also certified to teach Miller Heiman’s LAMP, Strategic Selling, Conceptual Selling, Negotiate Success and Executive Impact.

Funnel Academy – marketing training is a combination of classroom-style teaching, team workshops and peer networking, and ramps the performance of B2B marketing professionals with training in forming strategy, building campaigns, selecting tactics and measuring results.

Of Funnel Academy, Hugh Macfarlane – Founder & CEO of – says, “B2B marketers face complicated challenges. We can provide them with the tools to develop clear marketing plans and the skills to align their plans with their sales organization. The result is greater sales success.”

Funnel Camp – marketing planning is a unique planning approach which addresses the most common sales and marketing management issue in business today – lack of alignment. Funnel Camp aligns sales and marketing leaders around a single plan – blisteringly clear and highly actionable – so that the confusion that arises from separate marketing plans and sales plans is eliminated.

Both products are underpinned by’s proven B2B sales and marketing methodology, Funnel Logic.

Designed to increase prospect progression through the sales funnel, Funnel Logic dramatically improves sales and marketing effectiveness. At its core are four key principles regarding how sales and marketing are conducted in the best-run B2B businesses:

  1. The aggregate Sales / Marketing function should build its activities around a clear and singular view of the buyers’ journey (not the sales cycle);
  2. This journey should be dimensioned (how many prospects will progress through each stage of this journey over time);
  3. The plans of Marketing and Sales should detail how they intend (together) to cause this progression; and
  4. The actual progression should be measured, so that tactics which work can be bolstered, and those which do not can be shelved. welcomes Richard Barnett to the fold, and wishes him all the best as a seller and deliverer of Funnel Academy and Funnel Camp.

Contact Richard Barnett

Mobile: +1 (612) 669-9298