The medicos tell us that it is good fundamental health and wellbeing practice to undertake a regular health assessment. You know the stuff………blood pressure, cholesterol, weight: height ratios, lifestyle questionnaires etc –  a simple and quick way to ensure our all-important health and wellbeing is on track. The same principles apply to B2B sales organisations. The sales process is mostly conducted out in the market and not within the walls of your office, so the process is often not visible, and you may not be able to readily see whether it is working effectively or being implemented at all.

Some organizations will rely on the feedback from the Sales Team and Sales Management to assess the health level of the sales process………………but that is neither objective, nor are they qualified to do so. Imagine a conversation with yourself that goes something like……“self, do I need to go the doctor for my annual healthcheck? Well, self, how do you feel? Self, I am feeling great, no problems. OK, self, you don’t need to go to the doctor for your annual healthcheck”. Some organizations will look to the Quality Management System, which directs them to capture all customer feedback and complaints in regards to product or service delivery and institute appropriate corrective actions to address. That is not good enough either. Imagine your internal compromise, having decided that you aspire to optimal health and well-being, by only going to the doctor when you are unwell.

Going to the doctor when you are well to undertake your health assessment to stay well, is analogous to getting “the doctor” to assess the health and well being of the outputs of your sales and your service processes as they directly interface with and deliver value to your customers. Better to do it regularly while your business is “well” in order to stay well.

So, where do you go to get the doctor? You may not need to look far. You may well find sufficiently qualified resource somewhere else within your organization, outside the Sales, Marketing or Customer Service functions. If not, you can look externally for such assistance. The main thing is that the person you choose is sufficiently:

  • Independent (of the Sales-Customer Service-Customer triad)
  • Qualified or experienced to observe or audit processes
  • Supplied with tailored templates to capture data from observing workflows between Sales Execs, Customers and Customer Service Team members; as well as survey templates to adequately tap into customer expectations and perceptions.

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Glenn Guilfoyle is the Founder and Principal of The Next Level, a specialist B2B sales consultancy. For more insights like this, check out The Next Level’s proven sales process.