Here’s a mixed-media challenge. I’m going to pose a question, about someone else’s work, and invite you to comment via Twitter.

Marketo released a great new infographic today – well done guys – and it articulates a progression for B2B marketing companies through four stages of maturity (they kindly left off the first stage – ‘no marketing’):

  • Traditional Marketing
  • Demand Generation
  • Integrated Pipeline
  • Revenue Performance Management (RPM)

The data behind this well-resolved infographic suggests that for a slightly higher spend (13% of revenue versus an average of 11%), the results are significant. You get better achievement against plan, higher close rate, and more of your pipeline generated by Marketing.

I’ll save my views on measuring Marketing on pipeline or revenue for another day (hint: go for revenue). Take a look at the infographic below for the full data.

We have clients with global best practice marketing functions (IBM, SAP, Cisco) all the way through to companies for whom marketing is someone’s part-time job, and many somewhere in the middle. So, here’s my question: should companies who find themselves at the very early stages set out to implement RPM, or do you have to learn? Is it a rush to the line or a learning journey?

Tweet your views using the following hashtag and I’ll see if we can get some input from the gurus who I count as friends and fellow travellers. Hashtag will be #RPMjourney. You can tweet this page as a part of your contribution if you want, using the Twitter link to the right and that will pick up the URL as well as the hashtag.

Maximum Revenue: What Can RPM Do For You? by Marketo