Many businesses struggle with sales and marketing plans that are:

  • Not sufficiently actionable;
  • Not aligned to the strategy;
  • Not followed; or
  • Simply non-existent.

It’s no surprise that if the actions of Sales, Marketing and others in the business are not aligned – there’s no plan to align them.

Reasons for this vary but has identified the following patterns:

  • Recent changes make past plans obsolete;
  • There is no clear framework to translate the strategy into action;
  • The metrics don’t identify what to change; or
  • Strategy and plans are not ‘owned’ by all the stakeholders. In a strong sales culture, Marketing is often a ‘bolt on’ and distant from the revenue process.

But how do you emerge from this planning confusion armed with a clear plan for growth?

You need a solution which:

  • Offers fresh insight;
  • Gains team agreement;
  • Demands ongoing focus; and
  • Delivers change.

Funnel Camp™ is a proven way to align your team around a blisteringly clear, highly actionable plan for growth.

Want to go it alone? How to build a sales and marketing plan describes the ten proven steps to building your own sales and marketing plan for growth.