Business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing professionals seek new business growth from new and existing customers. To achieve this growth, you need a unified team with sound B2B marketing skills.

Yet many businesses have gaps in some of their key marketing skills.

Experience tells us that this is a problem that exists in one of two ways. Either, the team has gaps in the breadth of their B2B marketing skills, or some in the team lack depth in certain key areas.

Most marketing degrees, courses, texts and case-studies offer little guidance for the B2B marketer. Fundamentally, B2B Marketers lack a proven framework for demand generation.

So how can you transform your good B2B Marketers into great ones?

You need training which is:

  • Specific to B2B;
  • Theoretically sound;
  • Grounded in practical experience; and
  • Makes marketing relevant to the revenue process.

Funnel Academy™ is a proven way to provide key skills for your team.