‘Funnel Vision’ is a B2B marketing blog that provides B2B Sales and Marketing tips using the buyer-centric principles of Funnel Logic. This blog is a collaboration between align.me’s global network of B2B marketing consultants (we call them Funnel Coaches). Through quickly-digested and actionable sales and marketing tips, Funnel Vision takes you and other sales and marketing leaders through a journey to discover means for growth in your business.

Record buyer progression, not seller hope

Some sales methodologies ask sales people to characterise their sales calls as an ‘advance’ or a ‘continuance’ which creates loads of ‘wriggle room’ for the sales person. What we should actually be recording is the stage a buyer has reached, not whether the sales person thinks this is good or not. Your buyers progress through […]

Don’t start something you can’t sustain

We all recognise the power of loyalty programs, and enjoy the rewards of airlines, card providers, stores and other businesses who reward our loyalty. Be careful about starting one that you can’t sustain though. This is a personal story, but perhaps salient to those of us who market for a living. Before starting align.me, I […]

Balance short & long term revenue generation plans

Charles Besondy, President of Besondy Consulting & Interim Management, writes… Every company, including my own firm, is working hard each day to find, keep, and grow customers. The urgency for revenue now is real.  But, I asked myself this morning a very direct question. Am I implementing strategies and tactics that are perpetuating this short-term […]

Get Sales and Marketing to fix alignment, not the CEO

I recently joined in a debate on LinkedIn about who owns Sales and Marketing alignment. My answer: um, Sales and Marketing do. Many argued the CEO must. But I disagree. The question was posed by Dan McDade on LinkedIn, and in full, Dan asked: “When sales and marketing are not on the same page (market […]

Tactics need to progress, recycle and nurture

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of align.me, writes… Marketers usually choose their tactics carefully. They will ask questions like “what will work for my audience?”, and “what tactics can I execute well, allowing us to stand out from competitors?”. But we don’t often select tactics with a clear sense of the start to finish journey […]

Forget ‘pipe’ – only measure deals won or lost

If you started with 100 leads, and you closed 20, what was your success rate? 20% right? No, maybe much better. There’s a key piece of data missing from this initial analysis: how many deals did you lose? Let’s run that again. Start with 100 leads, close 20, lose (or reject) 40. Your success rate […]

How the C-Level makes or breaks sales performance

Christian Maurer, a Paris-based Consultant, Trainer and Coach, writes… Sales performance is at its lowest in years. When thinking about remedies, the first thought usually goes towards initiatives, mostly in the form of training, focused on helping sales people to increase their performance in light of the ‘new normal.’ What is the ‘new normal’? Undoubtedly, sales people need to adapt […]

Don’t ask sales people to record Salesforce history

We all know of the power of a good CRM, chock-full of history about every interaction your business has had with any contact, account or opportunity. Your marketing automation system probably plugs in beautifully to your CRM so that the buyer actions and your automated responses are all recorded. Marketing nirvana? Maybe not. Half of […]

Understand your buyer’s concept

Brett Bonser, Director of align.me, writes… Understanding your buyer’s concept starts with three magic words: what is your buyer trying to fix, accomplish, or avoid? How often are you working on projects where the buying influence (Economic, Technical or User – all terms coined by global sales performance leader, Miller Heiman) lacks a concept altogether, […]

Keep a regular call cycle with key prospects

By Inka Wibowo You have a prospect that you’ve been trying to progress for months. Every time you’ve called them, you’ve gotten nowhere; and lately, you’ve been running out of reasons to keep in touch. Suddenly, fate intervenes – Marketing wants to write an article, and they need your prospect’s expert opinion. You can hardly […]

Beware the trap of the new rules of Marketing and PR

Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of align.me, writes… I’m only early in to reading David Meerman Scott’s book The New Rules of Marketing and PR. Great so far. Well-written and compelling. I hope to have more to write about this book as I get further in. In it, he tells the story of two companies […]

Why you should embrace Marketing Automation

President of Besondy Consulting & Interim Management, Charles Besondy, explores how to get more of the right marketing activity, to the right contact, at the right time… Up to now I’ve been intrigued by how Marketing Automation systems can enable a resource-limited marketing department to execute more lead generation and lead nurturing activities, more systematically, […]

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