September 17, 2009, Melbourne, VIC, AU – Due to high levels of demand, is pleased to announce that Funnel Forum – Give Marketing a Sales Quota – will be held on three dates in October:

  • 20th October – US Eastern 3.30pm
  • 20th October – Australian Eastern Standard time 11.00am
  • 20th October – Greenwich mean time 9.00am

To register, please click here.

This month, Funnel Master Hugh Macfarlane will team up with Managing Director of MarketOne, Enrico Brosio, to deliver crisp new insights around why Marketing is so far removed from revenue.

Just as Sales is traditionally measured on the wrong end of the funnel, so too is Marketing. Marketing should be measured on its contribution to revenue (hence the sales quota); not on its contribution to brand awareness, nor on the number of leads it provides.

Leads are still important – but what should be measured is the amount of revenue that comes from those leads.

Ultimately, whether you are an individual contributor in Marketing or you run the whole show, your marketing is only valuable if it delivers revenue. In fact, our study of 1400 businesses across 84 countries, found that:

Twenty-five per cent of your revenue should be delivered from leads generated by Marketing.

Scary figure, right? The truth is that few B2B companies know about it – let alone plan for it, track it and adjust marketing activities to produce that result. So how do you produce that result?

Why not join us for 45 minutes – in the comfort of your own office – and learn how to:

  • Assess where your marketing stands today;
  • Plan for demand;
  • Empower Marketing with the right systems; and
  • Measure Marketing’s contribution to revenue.

Attend the forum, and we’ll also conduct a free review of your current plan. Many sales and marketing plans are neither blisteringly clear or highly actionable. You need to know where the gaps in your plan are, and we can find out for you. We’ll talk to each of your key stakeholders, and identify their view of each of the key segments of a blisteringly clear go-to-market plan:

  • Objectives;
  • Strategy;
  • Tactics; and
  • Measures.

We’ll then report back to you with the identified gaps.

Places are strictly limited – so please register here to reserve yours right away.