May 13, 2009, Melbourne, VIC, AU – is pleased to announce the launch of the new Sales Funnel Calculator at

The first edition of Sales Funnel Calculator was a free online tool that enabled users to model a simple version of their own funnel.

According to Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of, “The first edition of the tool was pretty basic, and we were often asked for access to the ‘real one’. Unfortunately, you need a week of training and a lot of support to learn how to drive the ‘real one’ used by our accredited Funnel Coaches worldwide.”

Despite its simplicity, the calculator proved immensely popular, and as a result, Macfarlane says, “We struck a compromise and built a second edition – more complex and powerful than the old one, yet useable without training.”

Launched on the 8th of May, the new Sales Funnel Calculator has already earned huge volumes of positive feedback. With its greater complexity, the new calculator allows users to work out:

  • How many sales they can generate from their sales funnel; and
  • How many prospects they need in the top of the funnel to achieve their targets.

Available for free at, new users also have the opportunity to watch a comprehensive demo before using the tool to model their funnel.

To use the calculator, users follow five simple steps:

  1. Set objectives
  2. Set sale value
  3. Set conversion ratios
  4. Model your funnel
  5. See conclusions

Each of these steps is explained in full at

The end result is a complete model funnel projecting the next three years of business, and a detailed summary highlighting the key metrics captured by the calculator.

Users who require greater complexity around their model should contact Hugh Macfarlane to speak to one of’s experienced Funnel Coaches about the full version of Sales Funnel Calculator which includes: modelling of resource usage (sales people), adjusting of recycling and evaporation, and – of course – the ability to save and evolve your model.


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