Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of, writes…

How do you make a conference on b2b marketing and sales pay big dividends?

’Networking opportunities’ are one of the major reasons cited for attendance at conferences, conventions and seminars. B2B marketing companies know that most people never take full advantage of these networking opportunities by actually achieving meaningful connections with the other people in the audience – as amazing as those other people may be. So how exactly do you network for success in b2b marketing?

At DemandCon in San Francisco this May, Thom Singer will serve as your ’Conference Catalyst’ by transforming his lunch time keynote session into a highly energised networking experience for b2b marketing and sales attendees. Singer’s aim is to help you make DemandCon your most productive conference ever. His strategy is to guide attendees through a networking session in order to lay the foundations for some meaningful connections that continue on after his keynote. Sounds pretty good, so why does Singer think he can deliver on networking opportunities?

Well after 20 years of experience, he is passionate enough about his philosophy of ’Cooperative Significance’ to deliver his message through regular speaking appointments at conferences, conventions and company meetings, as well as providing consulting and mentoring services. He has also written eight books on the power of business relationships, networking and speaking skills, and is the president of NYP Speakers (a division of New Year Publishing).

So it sounds like the networking will pay, but how about the presentations on sales and b2b marketing?

My own contribution will be a keynote entitled ‘See far, go fast’ and will show participants how to get clear line of sight into their marketing and sales funnel to get it operating like an engine.

Then, in our B2B Marketing Training Workshop on day 3 of DemandCon, Chuck Besondy and I will lead you through the process of building an end-to-end sales and marketing plan that helps you select tactics for every stage in the buyer’s journey and to task each tactic with a clear and measurable role.

Haven’t yet registered for the B2B Marketing Training Workshop? You can do so (and get a 15% discount!) by scrolling to the bottom of our DemandCon event information page.