Date:  Wednesday 17 August 2011

●    8.15 am Registration

●    8.30 am Seminar Begins

●    10.00 am Ends

Location: Level 5, 100 Walker Street, North Sydney 2060’s founder & CEO Hugh Macfarlane will be joining Jonathon Calver, CEO of StrategyMix, to host a seminar that offers simple steps for your marketing to generate more qualified leads more consistently. The format of this event will be a blend of strategic discussion and very practical “how to” advice.

Jonathan is an Australian emarketing success story. His grounded experience in ramping demand for local and international companies is unrivalled in Australia.

To kick off the seminar, Jonathan will be addressing the topic: How to Generate a Consistent Stream of Marketing Qualified Leads.

Key points:

  • Set quantifiable marketing objectives that can be shown to increase sales
  • Focus on target companies and work out which key individuals you need to influence
  • Get help to create remarkable content that will improve your response rates
  • Increase the frequency of your lead generation to achieve “flywheel” momentum
  • Develop automated lead nurturing programs to process the 95% of your leads that are not yet “Sales Ready”
  • Qualify your leads through progressive profiling, lead scoring or response points
  • Use dynamic telemarketing to substantially increase your “connectivity” with prospects
  • Create “conversational opportunities” through web analytics
  • Integrate your sales and marketing by integrating your sales and marketing systems
  • Get started and achieve success in 2 months

Next, Hugh will be presenting on how to: Ramp the Velocity of your Combined Sales and Marketing ‘Engine’.

Key points:

  • A funnel full of people: how businesses buy
  • Velocity fundamentals: how to work out how fast your funnel can flow. Really.
  • How fast is too fast? 3 common traps to avoid when ramping velocity
  • Tactics that work to ramp velocity – what, how, and how often
  • Lag busters – how to reduce the time buyers take to progress
  • Recycling – what to do with buyers not ready to progress
  • If content is King, who’s the Queen?