December 13th 2010, Belgium – has expanded its global network of accredited consultants to 39 with the appointment of Belgian partner Minds&More, and subsequent accreditation of five of their consultants.

Hugh Macfarlane – Founder & CEO of – effused: “Skills-enablement is key to making B2B marketing a respected management profession around the world, and is delighted to team up with the most exciting growth story to come out of Europe for a long time. Since forming in March 2010, Minds&More has grown rapidly to a team of 20 seasoned marketing professionals helping clients improve their marketing and sales performance. These professionals are savvy in B2B marketing, focused on capability building, and fluent in French, Flemish and English.

“Five of the Minds&More team are now accredited Funnel Coaches, with more to follow. This enables them to build B2B marketing skills of companies with’s well-proven Funnel Academy (training to build marketing skills) and Funnel Camp (integrated sales and marketing plans). We think we chose our newest partner well.”

Funnel Academy – marketing training is a combination of classroom-style teaching, team workshops and peer networking, and ramps the performance of B2B marketing professionals with training in how to form strategy, build campaigns, select tactics and measure results. This has now been adopted by the Australian Direct Marketing Association, and many leading global corporations.

Of Funnel Academy, one of the founding Partners of Minds&More Francois Delvaux said, “B2B marketers here, like in many other countries, face many challenges to find and sustain increased business growth in their markets. Now we can provide them with winning tools to develop clear marketing plans and the skills to align their plans with their sales organization. The result will be greater sales success.”

Funnel Camp – marketing planning is a unique planning approach which addresses the most common sales and marketing management issue in business today – lack of alignment. Funnel Camp aligns sales and marketing leaders around a single plan – blisteringly clear and highly actionable – so that the confusion that arises from separate marketing plans and sales plans is eliminated. To date, Funnel Camp has provided the blistering clarity that has underpinned the growth of many small, medium and large businesses around the world.

Delvaux added, “We are excited that both the training and the planning capabilities we have added are underpinned by’s proven B2B sales and marketing methodology, Funnel Logic™. Too much of marketing is ‘invented on the fly’ and we see great potential for our clients from using proven processes.”

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About Minds&More

Minds&More ( is a network of over 20 seasoned marketing and sales professionals serving clients that have their headquarters or important business units based in Benelux. We are driven by accountability and making a positive difference for its clients. We provide innovative and collaborative ways of working with our clients to build marketing capabilities that allow them to win in the market place.

Minds&More offers answers to challenges around sales and marketing alignment and pragmatic approaches to help boost marketing performance. The services offered cover marketing consulting, capability development, interim marketing, marketing and sales planning (using Funnel Logic™), training and coaching.

Clients include Accenture, Acerta, bpost, Brady Corporation, BNP Paribas Fortis, Melexis.

The office of Minds&More is based in Diegem, which is at the heart of Belgium.

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Mobile: + 32 (0)2 719 02 55