June 21st, 2012, Melbourne, Australia – B2B marketers need to know what tactics work best, when, and why. But finding quality information without a hefty price tag attached can be hard.

In another world first, align.me is proud to announce the launch of Funnel Wiki- a free forum to capture, share and develop global best practice in B2B marketing.

Brainchild of Founder and CEO, Hugh Macfarlane, the collaborative forum encourages equal participation from recognised B2B marketing experts, professionals, and those who are simply starting out and looking to learn.

“align.me was formed with one clear goal: to make B2B marketing a respected management science, globally, by 2020, ” he says,”what we currently know is just the tip of the knowledge iceberg so Funnel Wiki is our next assault, and it’s one we need your help with.”

The forum empowers the B2B community to gather, form and evolve their insights into best practice for B2B, and makes this content available to anyone, at any time, for free.

“The deal is pretty straight forward,” Macfarlane says, “every time you need to do something, see if the answer is already on Funnel Wiki. If it is, enjoy. If not, work out what the answer is, or what the ‘best’ early version of an answer is, and post it to Funnel Wiki.”

Users can research or develop ideas on any B2B topic of interest, ranging from evaluations of CRM tools to the best methods of acquiring a quality campaign list. If a topic doesn’t have a page, users simply create one and encourage their peers to add ideas and information.

“We’ve started the ball rolling with around 100 pages of content – some complete and some skeletal at best. You (and we) keep investing time to make this great, and we’ll curate as best we can,” Macfarlane says.

align.me plans to invest heavily in further constructing the knowledge resource with the addition of a team of researchers and curators, but Macfarlane asserts that “this is just the tip… how powerful this global resource becomes, is in your hands.”

To explore Funnel Wiki, click here.