, in collaboration with Marketo, have announced that they will revisit’s Sales and Marketing alignment study in 2013, to research the role that Sales and Marketing alignment is playing in the growth being achieved by B2B businesses worldwide today. and MarketingProfs set the debate about alignment alight when they published the findings of their 2005 global study on Sales and Marketing alignment. With 1,390 sales and marketing professionals from 84 countries taking part, the research found that businesses that achieved alignment had a significant competitive advantage over those that don’t. More specifically, businesses that achieved alignment were:

  1. Growing 5.4% faster year-on-year than their competition
  2. 38% better at closing proposals than non-aligned businesses
  3. Churning 36% fewer of their customers to competitors each year.

But with the business environment evolving significantly since then, have decided to re-run their research, and are offering participants some valuable insights in return.

Participants will receive a full copy of the report to leverage valuable benchmarks in their own business. In addition, they will also receive an invitation to attend’s exclusive online Sales and Marketing Alignment summit, hosted by CEO Hugh Macfarlane.

During this online summit, which will be free but open only to survey participants, Hugh will lead a discussion on’s research findings, and then take questions on the study, the findings, their recommendations, or anything else participants want to discuss.

To contribute to this leading global research, click here to complete the survey.