Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of, writes…

Getting a steady stream of B2B marketing prospects to your website and turning them into highly qualified leads is an achievable goal if you take advantage of new and powerful web technologies. Depending on your business objectives and strategy, there are a number of tools that act as B2B marketing solutions. You should be leveraging these to not only draw prospects to your website for conversion, but also qualify them over time, saving both you and your Sales team valuable time and energy. So what will deliver the right marketing solutions?

In his presentation at DemandCon, Founder & CEO of Clickability, Jeff Freund, will outline new approaches to lead qualification (including lead scoring and visitor behaviour), together with best practices in landing page and personalisation for a strong b2b marketing plan.

What role should your website play throughout the buying process? A venus-fly-trap style website designed to trap passers-by is a very different site from one designed to give buying confidence to late-stage buyers.

In our B2B Marketing Training Workshop on day 3 of DemandCon, Chuck Besondy and I will lead you through the process of building an end-to-end sales and marketing plan that helps you select tactics for every stage in the buyer’s journey and to task each tactic with a clear and measurable role.

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