We are a highly developed user of Office templates, but the CEO is the main creator/resident geek re templates, and that is poor leverage of his skills. We’re looking for an Office template guru who is very efficient in building / evolving templates for Word, Excel and PPT, including styles, headers, page inserts, tables, graphs, logo inclusions, and occasionally, macros that operate on opening.

You will be ‘on tap’ for any of our consultants to do template work, and be able to turn requests around within 3 days. There will be months when no-one asks you for anything, and months when you get hit with 8 requests. We envisage a long-term relationship and an affordable hourly fee.

Your English comprehension and articulation need to be good so that you understand our briefs well, and can explain your conclusions/recommendations clearly. You need to be able to work very precisely when the designer specifies how styles are to appear, but also be intuitive when the instructions are less-clear.

If you know anyone who is suited to this role, please ask them to visit the position description or contact us directly.