Chris Fell, Managing Director of g2m Solutions, writes…

The majority of B2B organisations are increasing marketing budgets for inbound marketing tactics: social media, virtual events and webinars, SEO and PPC. When considering outbound marketing tactics, such as telemarketing, direct mail and print advertising, the majority of B2B organisations are either not changing, or they’re reducing budgets.

The growing trend to use inbound marketing tactics is due to the cost-effective reputations of these marketing channels. Applying these with established Sales Funnel processes that include a lead-nurturing stage for non-sales-ready leads, and lead scoring methodologies to determine when a lead is ready to be contacted by a salesperson, organisations are able to effectively generate a high volume of qualified leads for sales teams.


Chris Fell is the Managing Director of g2m Solutions, and an accredited Funnel Coach. To read more of his insights, go to the g2M Solutions blog.