How to find contact details when you can’t get them from a list broker? Today I’m going to review 5 blogs with really practical tips, and then I’ll trump the lot of them with a way better approach. This is how to find contact details. It’s great.
For B2B, we often begin with a list you can buy from a list broker. Frankly, this is almost always a good idea if it’s complete enough, up to date enough, and narrow enough. The problem is that we often want a pretty niche list like people who used to work at Oracle and now work for a networking vendor like Cisco.
  1. Upgrade your LinkedIn account to Sales Navigator
  2. Filter on LinkedIn’s Lead Builder using industry or company name
  3. Narrow to the role and geography you want
  4. Learn to construct Boolean searches (“IBM” OR “SAP” OR “Oracle”)
  5. Enrich then import the names to Google Docs and using LeadIQ
  6. Make sure your first contact with them delivers more value to them than to you
Let me review those sites, and then go a bit wild on powerful searching. I’ve tapped my inner geek for this one.