How often should you blog for B2B?

Here’s my answer:

  • As often as you can say something valuable
  • Certainly no less often than monthly
  • Email once a week, even if you blog less often


First, you need a foundation – a monthly blog. If you haven’t published a blog every month for the last couple of years, fix that first. Just do it.

Where do I get the content?

I’m going to give you a strategic answer so you get your message right, and a tactical one – a tip for creating lots of valuable content.


Identify the problem you solve best, then identify:

  • 5 common causes of that problem
  • 5 consequences and
  • 5 trigger events that suddenly bring that problem to the surface if it was sitting below the surface until now, think about mergers, lost customers, won customers, new products.


  • Create a journal (consider Evernote)
  • Every time you solve a problem, write it down
  • Every time you wish your product/service had a feature, ask yourself why? What new problem would it solve that it doesn’t already solve.

Is more better?

Check out this graph from HubSpot

The answer simply is yes. The more content you blog the more traffic you will generate which means more opportunities to sell. And if you email your blog out as well, the returns are even greater.

How often should you email your blog?

As often as you can. If you are not sending at all, then start monthly. If you are producing a monthly blog, and already send monthly, then consider bi-weekly (one new and one from the archives). Unsubscribe rates are function of value, not frequency.

Final thoughts

Blogging is the absolute staple of your nurture campaign. It’s how you recycle leaked leads, and it’s how you remain positioned in the category within your market.

Blog as often as you can, but don’t get blogging confused with your demand generation tactics. Certainly in your email you can have a call to action to the blog. And on the blog itself, don’t be afraid to have a call to action at the end to a demand generation tactic, but don’t do that in the email.

I’m going to offer you a call to action in a just a moment from ourselves, like we do every week. I’m recommending you do the same thing.

String all your tactics together in your Funnel Plan. Nurturing is a staple and blogging is a key piece, but what are all your other  demand generation tactics? What’s next after the blog and the CTA? You need to string all of those tactics together so that Sales and Marketing agree on what the go-to market plan is: how you’re going to find and win new customers.

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If you don’t have a funnel plan, go get a free one now. Go to, get yourself a free Funnel Plan with tactics already pre-loaded. Get together with your sales counterparts, and build out your plan.


I hope you got value out of this week’s show, I enjoyed putting it together for you. Thank you so much for your time. Look forward to seeing you next week. Until then, may your funnel be full and always flowing.

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