Imagine a perfect list of the normal elements in a marketing plan, and then:

  • Break acquisition and retention into two plans, or risk blurring the two messages and offers
  • Put the buyer in the centre. Specifically:
    • what problem they have that you solve?
    • how you solve it?
    • who most has it?
    • who else solves it?
  • Separate strategy from tactics
  • Insert velocity in between AS velocity informs your choice of tactics
  • Do it all on one page rather than summarising a too-wordy document

This week we’re in familiar territory – how to build a marketing plan. We researched five articles, twisted it a little based on our own views, and would argue that your marketing plan needs to include:

  • Objectives
  • Buyer’s problem
  • Strategy
    • Target market (whoever most has the problem)
    • Solution (whatever best solves the problem)
    • Channel (whoever can best flush out that problem for this target market)
  • Tactics describe how you will:
    • Find names of your targets
    • Position with them
    • Gain their interest
    • Trouble them
    • Shape their need
    • Make a compelling offer to meet that need
    • Gain preference for this above other offers
    • Earn a decision
  • Tactics to recycle those who don’t progress (leak from the funnel)

Let me show you those articles and how we reached this conclusion now.