is please to announce further enhancements to Funnel Plan for January 2014.

Side by side simplified and complex Objectives

Like we did for Funnel Math in December, you can now see Objectives represented simply and in a mroe detailed fashion side by side. This means you can start with simple objectives (this much revenue from this many deals growing this much annually), then get as granular if you want (change every month, quarter, year of the 4-year window), but can still see the net effect to make sure your fine-tuning doesn’t miss the big point.

As a pre-work user, we keep your plan simple with menus only showing access to a sub-set of the forms. Once you are in training mode you get many more, and in full mode (after your training) you get more still. Some users want to be able to iterate with the simplified version of the Objectives even when they have permission to access the more-detailed Objectives.

We’ve now set this up so that once your user profile has been upgraded to ‘training’ or ‘full’, you get both the simplified and advanced Objectives. Edit any field in the simplified form and the values will be applied to the advanced form evenly.

New plan owners can add and remove users and Funnel coaches

If you are assigned as the plan owner, you can now control who has access to your plan; previously you needed your Funnel Coach to change this for you. So you can now decide who your Funnel coach should be, who else you want to be able to edit your plan (and you can create new users if they are not already live), and can add view-only users to any plan. You can even make another user the plan owner. Careful though, there is only every one plan owner, so if you assign someone else as plan owner, they can now add and remove users, and you can’t. You can always contact support to revert this if you make a mistake. Just to remind you there are now 4 user types:

  • Plan Owner – they can add or remove user access to their plan, and edit any section
  • Funnel Coach – they can create new plans, add users to your plan, and can edit any section
  • Standard User – they can edit any section
  • View User – as the name implies: look but don’t edit

Under the current licensing model, there are no charges for view-only users, and a plan can have an unlimited number of standard users for the first 90 days of the plan (to allow you to complete your planning).

Substantial speed improvements across the board

We’ve improved the speed of most forms in Funnel Plan by completely redeveloping them. Load times for each page are still slow, but once you are in a page, edits to the data are quick. We’re working on load times, hopefully for the February release.

More Help videos

We’ve continued to add help videos, with 4 new ones this month: how to select the best market, how to shape a winning solution, how to beat your competition, how to choose the best channel (including resources).


Funnel Plan is presently available to accredited Funnel Coaches (see the contacts tab and select your region) for their use in sales and marketing planning workshops (Funnel Camp) and those who have been trained in its use in either Funnel Mastery (planning workshop) or Funnel Academy (B2B marketing training). For details, please contact your nearest Funnel Coach.