Marketing is on a mission to gain control of the Funnel – to effectively manage and predict demand, yet today’s research tells a different story. The story exposes prevailing tensions in every area amounting to a serious disconnect between the vision of what Marketing should be doing and what it is doing in reality.

As a strategist and Research Consultant with The Aberdeen Group, Natalie Horne knows this disconnect to be a central barrier to increasing revenue and will tell you why at DemandCon. Her session ‘Demand Marketing’s Transitions and Tensions’, based on Aberdeen Group research, will explore the latest shifts in content marketing, social media, marketing automation and Revenue Performance Management (RPM), exposing what businesses want to do and what they are actually doing.

For example, Natalie argues that 66% of marketing executives say their top KPI is to increase top-line revenue growth. Yet marketing still only generates 19% of sales forecasted pipeline. Assuming that 50% of sales-pipeline closes, this would mean that marketing is contributing less than 10% of revenue drastically underselling the value of marketing to the business. From this, Natalie will shed light on what the best-performing companies are doing to generate their success and how marketing can better demonstrate its value.

The session will help delegates to understand that aside from having the vision to move forward and increase revenue, they need a realistic understanding of where they currently are and what they need to prioritise in order to achieve that forward movement. Natalie will present eye-opening research and actionable insights that all sales and marketing executives should know but how will they tie all this knowledge together and actually use it?

On day two, I will host the DemandCon Black Belt Funnel Plan Workshop for delegates serious about increasing their impact on company revenue and who want to put their newly acquired knowledge and tools to use. It is the perfect conclusion to the DemandCon experience in that it is designed to help bring together all that has been learned during the conference into a solid, actionable action plan for revenue generation. Participants will work together, simulating cross-functional collaboration, to construct a revenue generation plan.

Want to register for the workshop? You can do so (and get a 15% discount!) by scrolling to the bottom of our DemandCon event information page.

Bonus offer: buy one, get one free

If you are a marketer and you register for both DemandCon and the Black Belt Funnel Plan Workshop, you will receive one free workshop pass to invite a senior colleague from your sales team. We’ll help you create alignment by having you work together on a real alignment plan and show you how to accelerate your sales and marketing funnel after the workshop.

Simply email Stephanie Jeanmougin at [email protected] after you have registered for both DemandCon and our workshop to receive your free workshop discount code to register your sales colleague.