Growing bigger requires you to make big decisions about changing the way you operate and the cultural and organizational structure of your company can play an integral part in how to approach these big decisions. But where do you start and which changes should be made first?

Joel Puznava, Head of Customer Success Directors at DemandGen AG, and David Dorling, Head Global Marketing at Swiss Post Solutions, know the challenges associated with rapid growth and will present the case study of Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) who successfully consolidated 40 brands under one global brand, across the fifteen countries as part of an acquisition strategy.

Supporting this growth were a number of changes including the standardization of local demand generation activities, the adoption of a universal Demand Creation and Nurturing Strategy Framework, and the introduction of a marketing automation platform into a number of countries simultaneously. These big changes were not without their challenges and have produced some essential lessons to be learned.

Using this example and their own experiences, Joel and David will provide all attendees with actionable insight as to how to approach their own growth initiatives by discussing:

  • How to achieve alignment between sales and marketing
  • How to reach consensus despite fragmentation
  • How to plan to have your project will be sideswiped (more than once)
  • Finding the role IT will play
  • Understanding how much content you need
  • Assessing your contact database
  • How to approach growth projects using change management strategies
  • How long-term success is intertwined with your Online Strategy

Like all the workshops at DemandCon, this will give you plenty of good ideas to take home but how do you put them together into a coherent plan?

My Black Belt Funnel Plan Workshop will bring the conference to an actionable close as I build a progression plan using all of the tactics presented, and a few that weren’t, to clearly reveal the best practices for increasing revenue volume and velocity.

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