As Director of Align Marketing, Michelle Martin’s expertise in brand, marketing alignment and impact strategies has never been more important to her clients given the majors shifts we see in marketing today. At DemandCon 2012 her intimate knowledge, recognized by her Chicago Athenaeum ‘2011 Good Design Award’ for the global rebranding of StepStone Solutions, will be on display during her dynamic workshop ‘The Changing Role of your Brand in Demand Gen’.

Michelle will explore what is meant by brand personality and why it must sit at the heart of your business, not just the heart of marketing. Using entertaining examples from both the B2C and B2B world she will present those brands that have become the life and soul of the party, those who appear devoid of personality and those who have exhibited a ‘split personality’ with dire consequences for the business. You will be able to rate your own company’s brand personality with specific guidance on how to course correct if you fall into the ‘personality bypass’ category.

The session affirms that everyone in your organisation has a responsibility for consistently delivering the brand and Michelle will help you identify the rock star ideas that will build your brand and some of the pitfalls you should avoid. Like all the workshops at DemandCon, Michelle’s will give you plenty of good ideas to take home but what is the best way to put them together into a coherent plan?

My Black Belt Funnel Plan Workshop will bring the conference to an actionable close as I build a progression plan using all of the tactics presented, and a few that weren’t. With the help from the day’s presenters, and smart marketers from the audience, I will then identify all the points of failure and build recycling tactics to manage the leaked buyers back into the funnel: Better primed, better positioned, more ready to progress next time.

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Bonus offer: buy one, get one free

If you are a marketer and you register for both DemandCon and the Black Belt Funnel Plan Workshop, you will receive one free workshop pass to invite a senior colleague from your sales team. We’ll help you create alignment by having you work together on a real alignment plan and show you how to accelerate your sales and marketing funnel after the workshop.

Simply email Stephanie Jeanmougin at [email protected] after you have registered for both DemandCon and our workshop to receive your free workshop discount code to register your sales colleague.