What velocity do you need? And what does your current velocity tell you about what you should change?

Forget ‘pipe’ – only measure deals won or lost

If you started with 100 leads, and you closed 20, what was your success rate? 20% right? No, maybe much better. There's a key piece of data missing from this initial analysis: how many deals did you lose? Let's run that again. Start with 100 leads, close 20, lose (or reject) 40. Your success rate was 33% (20 out of 60 that have been decided). The 40 still in your funnel could swing either way and so cannot be included. One of the reasons we often overly simplify this calculation (20 from 100 rather than 20 from READ MORE

Don’t ask sales people to record Salesforce history

We all know of the power of a good CRM, chock-full of history about every interaction your business has had with any contact, account or opportunity. Your marketing automation system probably plugs in beautifully to your CRM so that the buyer actions and your automated responses are all recorded. Marketing nirvana? Maybe not. Half of the problem is that most record only YOUR actions, not THEIR responses. The power of knowing how buyers have acted, what they are interested in, what they have read, how they responded to survey questions is obvious, but many businesses stop at READ MORE

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