What will you sell? To whom do you sell? Through whom do you sell? Against whom do you sell?

And how will you decide?

New year, new plan: Building your 2023 B2B marketing strategy

A new year’s resolution is not just for personal ventures; it can (and should) involve your business goals too. We always start the year off by reviewing our clients (and our own) marketing plans and looking for opportunities for improvement for the year ahead. Why? The start of the year is when predictions are set and trends are established - plus, our minds are fresh. So it's the perfect time to do some self-reflection and start investing in your new strategies, reach out to new markets or even look into rebranding if that's something you've been considering. READ MORE

How to price in an inflated market: Communicating, executing & optimising price increases

The 2020s continue to throw businesses into new and challenging situations. The economic landscape in Australia is pointing towards higher costs for the foreseeable future: the CPI is predicted to peak at 7.75% at the end of this year, and the Reserve Bank's efforts to curb inflation mean that interest rates will likely continue to rise. While the government is doing its best to combat the growing economic tensions and skills shortages, business owners should be preparing accordingly - including a proactive approach to reviewing and updating their pricing strategies. This was the topic at this quarter's READ MORE

6 things to consider before using B2B LinkedIn ads

B2B LinkedIn ads have the potential to be a goldmine for B2B businesses, but it can be difficult for businesses to know whether this is the right platform to use (and how to use it). And while LinkedIn ads can be a gamechanger for businesses, the platform’s growing popularity means that more time and effort need to be put into getting ads just right. So what do B2B businesses need to know before they dive into advertising on LinkedIn and how can they get the most out of this platform? We sat down with Nick Steffens, align.me’s READ MORE

Is B2B branding more nuanced than we thought?

In his introduction to April's Referrers' and Thank You Lunch, align.me's Co-founder and Executive Director, Brett referenced the stage musical Les Mis for its excellent branding. Part of what makes Les Mis so memorable is its striking colour, music, and movement. Every time the curtain goes up, each audience member, new or old, sits in their chair and expects to see a brilliantly produced performance. The Les Mis brand is a 'promise', and the cast and crew for each city's Les Mis production deliver on the promise in every performance. So, much like this iconic musical, B2B READ MORE

Why you should tailor your sales messages to the buying influences

Every day it's getting harder and harder to get marketing cut-through. Consumers are becoming savvier to sales messaging and advertisements and more reluctant to reach out until later in their buyer's journey. And while it's now easier and cheaper to get your messaging in front of consumers, it's also easier and cheaper for your competitors (and their competitors… and so on). Need proof? You just need to look at some of these recent stats: A global average of 37% of Internet users now block ads 79% of buyers wait until after they’ve fully defined their needs to READ MORE

Why a one page plan will get you more sales and marketing results

It's quite an eye-grabbing statement to make - that a one page plan will bring in more results. But after 20+ years of shaping the sales and marketing of high growth businesses, our co-founder Hugh Macfarlane has found that brevity really does have merit. And this has never been more relevant than when it comes to your sales and marketing plans. Most sales and marketing plans are quite lengthy due to how much information is in them - everything from your target audience to your problem statements and your tactics. The intention when we build them is READ MORE

The cheesy funnel (a b2b branding case study)

This is a B2B branding case study. But let's start with a short discussion about a very personal desire. We all want to be famous. (Well, some of us do). It starts when we're young, easily impressed, and gently and often bouncing between reality and fantasy. As teenagers, many dream of being recognised for some specific accomplishment - perhaps being in a band, a movie, a sports achievement. And as adults, who doesn't enjoy being welcomed back to a favourite restaurant or shop? Maybe those few who are genuinely famous crave anonymity, but most of us mortals READ MORE

The proven process helping high-growth businesses achieve effective sales & marketing alignment

Did you know that effective sales and marketing alignment can help your business lift revenue by 129%? That's a pretty powerful result - and it's within your grasp too. All it takes is a plan. Unfortunately, many high-growth businesses are stuck in a continuous cycle of misalignment that makes it hard to create - and then stick to - a plan. Luckily, realignment is possible, and there's a proven process that can help you achieve it (even if you're veered off track - or were never on track to begin with). A big thanks to align.me founder READ MORE

​A definitive guide to choosing the best B2B marketing tactics

Every business wants to choose the best marketing tactics to position themselves and to create demand. As you’ll see in this article, there is no single set of ‘best’ tactics. But there is most certainly a best path to choosing the best tactics for your own business. Why choosing the best B2B marketing tactics is complex In choosing the best tactics for your B2B sales and marketing, we need to answer a handful of key questions, not the least of which being: What works and how do I decide? And does that change over time? What’s the scope of our tactical pursuit? Marketing, Sales, both? READ MORE

How to create a highly sellable business

As business leaders, our focus should be on creating highly sellable businesses that are attractive to potential buyers. This will give you the freedom to move on to the next great opportunity when the time comes. The events of the global pandemic have drastically affected businesses - and have shown how prepared and ready some were to take advantage of the opportunities offered, and how some weren't. We've seen record acquisitions and exits in Australia; from CitrusAd's $205 million exit, Invoice2Go's $850 million capital injection, Cloud Guru's $2 billion acquisition, and even one of our own clients, READ MORE

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