The cheesy funnel (a b2b branding case study)

This is a B2B branding case study. But let's start with a short discussion about a very personal desire. We all want to be famous. (Well, some of us do). It starts when we're young, easily impressed, and gently and often bouncing between reality and fantasy. As teenagers, many dream of being recognised for some specific accomplishment - perhaps being in a band, a movie, a sports achievement. And as adults, who doesn't enjoy being welcomed back to a favourite restaurant or shop? Maybe those few who are genuinely famous crave anonymity, but most of us mortals READ MORE

How to brief an agency through the lens of the buyer’s journey co-founder Hugh recently appeared on the Growth Colony podcast to share his insights into how to effectively brief agencies and freelancers. The Growth Colony podcast is where B2B founders, CMOs, marketing & sales leaders talk about their successes, failures, what is working for them today in the B2B marketing world and everything in between. Briefing agencies and freelancers is a complicated process, and if you’re not able to get it right it can lead to a loss in profits and time. On the podcast, Hugh shares his expertise on the importance of briefing correctly, READ MORE

Uplifting the uplifters: Australia’s top business executives discuss leadership during disruption

Being a business owner or leader can be challenging, even isolating - it's not a gig that allows for much time off. It can also get lonely; there's no guidebook or blueprint for being a business owner or leader. Combine that with the lack of time left to network or meet with like-minded people, and it can turn into a bit of a silo. So, a few times a year, we host a roundtable that brings together leaders and executives from our SME and Enterprise clients. The event acts as both an opportunity to say thank you READ MORE

B2B Social Media Marketing by Numbers

Social Media has come a long way since Tom from MySpace and connecting college students (who knew Facebook would come so far?) While it might still feel new, it’s far from it – most people under 20 don’t remember a world without it. Because of its immense popularity and reach, social media marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing tactics – entire agencies are now devoted to selling on socials. And while social media marketing has traditionally been incredibly lucrative B2C tool, it is growing fast in the B2B world. We’re all more online these days, READ MORE

Building a B2B marketing plan for COVID normal

The shape of 'COVID normal' for your business will undoubtedly continue to change through the year ahead and will also depend very much on the countries in which you market. But what's abundantly clear is that your B2B marketing plan needs to change for 2021 – and you should be planning for the change now; preparing for it over the next few months. What do we know will change? Some of your market has already disappeared or will over the next year. While we can expect some recoveries in 2021, the OECD expects 2020 to be ugly. READ MORE

The rules for sending an effective cold email

Cold emails are not necessarily spam — but if poorly done, they can be just as annoying. So, what do you have to do to get it right? Addressing the big S word: Spam Before we jump into how to send the most effective col emails, we need to address the elephant in the room. The biggest fear about sending cold emails is being 'spammy'. No one wants to bombard prospects with unwanted messages, frustrate the hell out of them, and end up hurting business reputation. But not all cold emails are considered - or received as READ MORE

How to build a marketing brief in 5 minutes

What's in a marketing brief? At it's core, a marketing brief needs to describe what you want done and any constraints like timing and budget But there's more, right? In the very least, some helpful context like a description of your target market and the products / services you offer. And maybe why buyers even need a product like yours so the tactic can speak to this motivation. We'd argue that the context of the tactics also matters. What's happening before and after this tactic, and long side it. Also which stage of the buyer's journey READ MORE

Build vs Buy, and some Surprise Benefits from Aspose.Slides

Build vs Buy, and some Surprise Benefits from Aspose.Slides We're all in. Funnel Plan has gone from being a great tool to help our consultants to build sales and marketing plans for clients, to a 'bet the farm' investment in a self-contained software product licensed as a software service (SaaS) model. Our clients have built over 2000 sales and marketing plans using Funnel Plan and we learn more every day about what clients want. So you'd think it reasonable that we feel we need to build everything ourselves, so that we can own all the IP. Our READ MORE

Avoid these 6 Common Errors in Marketing A/B Testing

If you're not testing, you're not improving. But, tests can not only fail, they can actually tell you lies. Here are 6 tips I’ve learned to avoid errors in A/B testing. 6 Tips To Avoid Errors In A/B Testing 1. Fail to test The first failure is easy: failing to test at all. You should be conducting A/B tests on the things you do most often, including: Email sends Home page and any other busy page Landing pages Ad groups Social media posts (sponsored) Retargeting ads and landing pages If you're not measuring those things, how are READ MORE

How to know when you should outsource marketing

When is outsourced marketing a good idea? When should you do it in-house? Here’s my experience... Evolve your approach to outsourced marketing I’ve managed outsourced marketing for hundreds of businesses - and operated as the outsourced group Chief Marketing Officer for many of them. So, I have got a pretty good handle on what works and what doesn’t. Today, let me give you a really short summary of what I’ve learned should be outsourced – and when. The answer’s not complicated, but it does need to evolve as your business evolves. When you’re in scrappy start-up READ MORE

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