How do you align the efforts of your sales and marketing teams?

6 steps to building a shared Sales and Marketing process (they both agree to) Part 1

If you want Sales and Marketing to be on the same page, then there had better be only one page. Here's how to do it. Benefits of an aligned Sales and Marketing process Research shows that building a single process when it comes to Sales and Marketing has some very measurable and substantial benefits for your business, including: Increasing lead acceptance by 26% Increasing lead closure rate by 15% and Marketing's contribution to revenue by 59% Lifting lead acceptance by another 31%, and Improving lead acceptance by another 27% and marketing generated revenue by another 63% when READ MORE

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Take your Sales and Marketing Processes to a whole new level

We're going to help streamline your Sales and Marketing process, every step of the way If you’re a B2B sales and marketing consultant, you’ve probably already got some pretty strong insights into what works and what doesn’t. But you likely also know that poor alignment is one of the most common causes of an underperforming sales and marketing engine. Our clients often feel they can solve all of the world’s problems. And getting them to boil it down to just one problem that Sales and Marketing agree to can really help them improve their sales closure rates READ MORE

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Sales and Marketing alignment that doubles Marketing’s contribution to revenue

Podcast interview with Andy Paul He's has been heroically publishing a daily podcast episode under the Accelerate banner and Andy recently invited me to join his show. We had a ranging discussion about sales and marketing alignment which I thoroughly enjoyed. Here are the highlights: Sales people want to tell their story before the buyer is ready to hear it. The buyer's journey gets gazumped by the seller's process. A sales person needs to know as much as they can about what each buyer already thinks, and Marketing can help. Sales and Marketing don't need to understand how to READ MORE

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How to grow your business as high as a ‘magic beanstalk’.

Interview with Jack the Giant Slayer, CEO of Golden Eggs Inc. as he shares his tips for SME growth. Jack, I’m sure many of our readers will have heard your story, but can you take us back the start of the business? Thanks Brett, I’d be delighted to. As you know, our family had a long history in primary production, the farm produced high quality dairy goods and we created a niche market for ourselves specialising in cheeses. But with the drought, rising power costs and the impact of imports, the business fell on READ MORE

Buyer readiness stages; how to make your content work harder

The probability of closing a marketing lead is 46% higher for companies that let their marketers change their CRM to use customised stages, and another 28% improvement if those renamed stages are buyer-readiness stages not seller-activity stages But only 24% of marketers make this change. Why? Do you like your sales process too much? Seriously, it's not about you. It's about your buyer. And what are the buyer readiness stages, anyway? All this, and more, in this week's show. In our sales and marketing alignment study published in 2014, we found that 24% of marketers had changed the stage READ MORE

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How to find contact details for your ideal target market

I want leads, I want their names, and I want it now. There's a strategic piece to this and a tactical piece to this. I'm going to show you today some of our favourite tactics for finding the right names and the right buyers. But along the way I am going to argue very strongly that you need to get the strategy right first and then I'll show you how we get the names. Well there's a strategic piece to this; of course, I need to have the right buyers - people who are likely to have READ MORE

Why you should align your CRM stage names to the Buyers’ Journey

    If the probability of closing a marketing lead is 28% higher for companies that let their marketers change their CRM stages, and 88% higher if those new stages are buyer stages not seller stages, why do only 24% of marketers make this change?   In this blog, Hugh explains the Buyer's Journey - a phrase he coined in 2003 when he wrote The Leaky Funnel - and makes concrete suggestions about how to name the lead and opportunity stages in your CRM and Marketing Automation Platform.

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Is your CRM System a Sales Prevention System?

Most sales organisations have some sort of CRM system in place. Many have made significant investments in the system. Yet simply implementing CRM – just like just running a sales training course – offers no “magic wand” for improving sales performance. In fact the energies expended on them are often wasted. Time after time, we come across Customer Relationship Management solutions that bear little or no relation to how a vendors’ most promising prospects actually buy, or what the vendors’ top performing sales people actually do. There are 5 danger signs that indicate that a CRM system READ MORE

Maximising CRM investment to drive productivity and return

(Too) Many sales organisations undertake a CRM strategy and associated hefty investment, and then when the software vendors come on site to undertake their (too) often “generic customisation”, the purchasing sales organisation is jolted into a process that forces them to retro-think about the functionality and the process support that can be derived from their investment. This common egg-and-chicken scenario usually results in one or two forms of investment sub-optimisation: Paying for functionality embedded in the system that is unnecessary but the organisation was not well prepared to say they didn’t want it; Conversely, they don’t adequately tailor READ MORE

B2B marketing and sales alignment: behind the scenes, the making of Concur

B2B marketing and sales professionals often hear about how they need to align themselves for successful business outcomes. As simple as it is to say, the reality is that it is often quite a difficult thing to achieve, and in some cases a seemingly insurmountable task. So it helps to be able to learn from companies that have succeeded in achieving alignment. According to David Lewis’s their DemandCon presentation blurb, “when it comes to marketing automation, no one has more experience then DemandGen with implementing end-to-end lead management systems to align sales and marketing.”  As Founder and READ MORE

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