Do you know what your ideal customer looks like and are you doing anything to help them find their way to you when the time comes to buy?

A well built lead scoring and nurturing program can help you assess the quality of your prospects and ensureyou automatically stay engaged with them so when they know that they need what you have, you are perfectly positioned to give it to them. But how do you build one? What are the major challenges? And is your marketing engine ready for lead scoring and nurturing?

Ceri Jones, Marketing Director of Basware, and John Sweeney, Customer Success Director of DemandGen (UK), know the answers and will share their gained knowledge and experiences for those wrestling with the challenges of exploring and deploying marketing automation in global companies.

Ceri and John are experienced marketers who have been there, done it and can clearly identify the pitfalls that exist but that you can avoid. They will explain:

  • What lead scoring and lead nurturing are;
  • What they can do for your business ;
  • How they work by touching on some best practice examples from around the world and;
  • Why they are most effective when Sales and Marketing work together to deploy them in tandem.

DemandCon is loaded with insightful content that will give you actionable outcomes which I will help string together into a coherent flow during my Black Belt Funnel Plan Workshop on day two where I will bring the conference to an actionable close by building a progression plan using all of the tactics presented during the conference, and a few that weren’t.

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Bonus offer: buy one, get one free

If you are a marketer and you register for both DemandCon and the Black Belt Funnel Plan Workshop, you will receive one free workshop pass to invite a senior colleague from your sales team. We’ll help you create alignment by having you work together on a real alignment plan and show you how to accelerate your sales and marketing funnel after the workshop.

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