’s Executive Director, Brett Bonser, will chair the panel discussion on Alignment and present his insights into bridging the alignment gap between Marketing and Sales at the FUNNEL conference this November in Sydney.

After engaging over 500 B2B practitioners in London last year, the FUNNEL conference comes to Australia for the first time. FUNNEL is the first conference in Australia centred on B2B sales and marketing and complex selling processes. This year’s event brings together local and international B2B heavyweights to discuss new strategies, tactics and technologies, as well as share insights for businesses to improve lead conversion.

In his presentation for the Alignment stream, Brett will highlight the causes and consequences of misalignment between Sales and Marketing and then draw upon his years of experience to share the proven steps to align Sales and Marketing for growth.

Below is an abstract for Brett’s presentation, Real Sales and Marketing Alignment:

Marketing and Sales all too often represent disparate functions of a business. Marketing focuses on the top of the funnel creating leads that fall through the cracks, while Sales focuses on the bottom, somewhat oblivious to Marketing’s efforts. Neither takes accountability for the opportunity leakage that can occur in between, or at other stages of the funnel.

And yet, there are a small number of global companies who have bridged the Marketing and Sales divide and are enjoying superior revenue performance as a result.

So, what’s the secret? In his presentation, Brett Bonser will:

  • Define the fundamental cause of the misalignment between Marketing and Sales (and no, it’s not about them being on Mars and Venus!);
  • Share benchmark data on revenue performance of aligned businesses, drawn from’s global research; and
  • Provide you with the proven steps that you can take to get Marketing and Sales aligned in your business.

FUNNEL 2012 will feature speakers from IBM, Optus, Oracle and SalesForce, who will deliver presentations and panel discussions for four different B2B areas – Planning, Attracting, Engaging and Aligning. For more information, view the event’s agenda on