Social Media has come a long way since Tom from MySpace and connecting college students (who knew Facebook would come so far?) While it might still feel new, it’s far from it – most people under 20 don’t remember a world without it.

Because of its immense popularity and reach, social media marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing tactics – entire agencies are now devoted to selling on socials. And while social media marketing has traditionally been incredibly lucrative B2C tool, it is growing fast in the B2B world.

We’re all more online these days, even more so thanks to the global lockdowns of 2020. It’s one of the reasons B2B social media marketing is going from strength to strength – not only are more businesses using it, but more consumers are expecting it.

Success isn’t guaranteed though, and finding the right platforms and strategies for your audience is integral for seeing an improvement in brand awareness and lead generation. While Facebook and Instagram are leading the pack for B2C, LinkedIn has opened up a world of marketing possibilities to B2B businesses.

So, where should you put your money? What are other B2B businesses focusing on? And what platforms are going to get you the most traction?

We’ve taken a look at the latest B2B social media marketing stats and put them all in one place so you can better answer all of those questions. Numbers don’t lie – so take a look at the infographic below and decide whether it’s time you paid more attention to the possibilities of social media marketing.

Think it’s time to up your B2B social media marketing game? We can help with that too.