Most B2B marketing professionals learn PowerPoint in about 30 minutes, then jump straight into building lots of presentations. To be sure, B2B marketing professionals have more time to get PPT right than their sales counterparts, but they still suck.

“You have had little formal training in presentation best practices, your slides are walking disasters, and worst of all, they get in the way of your ability to demonstrate your expertise” says Rick Altman, a presentations specialist & consultant set to strut the stage at DemandCon in San Francisco this May.

Wow! Big call, Rick, but I have to imagine that with a bold statement like that, you’re ready to back this up with a presentation that thrills and delights the sales and B2B marketing professionals at DemandCon (and educates us as well).

Increasingly, presentations play a key role in the selling process. But most of us believe they need to be educational, not pitchy because buyers listening to a presentation are often in an early stage of information gathering. They want to gain unique insights into the challenges they face, not have product messages stuffed down their throats. It will be useful to see how Rick marries graphical know-how with informative content. In fact, this is exactly the kind of tool B2B marketers need to deliver a strong marketing plan.

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