Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of, writes…

If it’s the customers who are in control in B2B marketing, who’s watching them? With all the free information available, and all the savvy buyers sorting through it, B2B marketers need the right business processes to create behaviour (and track it) if they want to drive revenue. Today’s B2B marketer needs a strategy to manage how companies interact with buyers. This strategy must follow the customer through their entire purchase-process. Get this right and you will see dramatic changes: more predictable, rapid and profitable revenue growth. So what kind of B2B marketing strategies work best?

Eloqua is a leader in marketing automation, and Eloqua’s VP of Demand Marketing, Doug Sechrist, will be teaming with an Eloqua zealot – NetApp’s Marketing Automation Manager, Erin Rampey, at DemandCon this May. Needless to say, these two have some pretty rich experience to share.

Doug carries an obvious bias, but he’s held relevant roles on the customer-side that act to substantiate his experience. Before joining Eloqua, he was VP of Demand Marketing at Taleo, and before that held Corporate and Field Marketing positions at ZANTAZ, Intira, and Ascend.

Doug and Erin are going to argue (and I’m going to agree) the need for clear insights into what is happening in B2B marketing. As obvious as it sounds, it’s hard to change something if you don’t actually know what’s happening already. It’s also hard to change anything if you can’t automate the information process. And that’s where Eloqua steps in. And as Doug and Erin argue:

“By managing an integrated sales and marketing funnel and benchmarking  against peers, you can gain analysis that drives action and identifies new revenue opportunities.”

These two B2B marketers will share real examples of how to build an integrated sales and marketing funnel, and manage the buyer-experience through the entire purchase-process. The result? Sustainable success.

And in our B2B Marketing Training Workshop on day 3 of DemandCon, Chuck Besondy and I will lead you through the process of building an end-to-end sales and marketing plan that helps you select tactics for every stage in the buyer’s journey, and to task each tactic with a clear and measurable role.

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