B2B marketing and sales professionals often hear about how they need to align themselves for successful business outcomes. As simple as it is to say, the reality is that it is often quite a difficult thing to achieve, and in some cases a seemingly insurmountable task. So it helps to be able to learn from companies that have succeeded in achieving alignment.

According to David Lewis’s their DemandCon presentation blurb, “when it comes to marketing automation, no one has more experience then DemandGen with implementing end-to-end lead management systems to align sales and marketing.”  As Founder and CEO of DemandGen International, David will be guiding us along the path they took to achieve alignment in their sales process, from definition to implementation. And this is exactly what B2B marketing professionals need to do in order to nut-out their Funnel Plan.

In our B2B Marketing Training Workshop, Chuck Besondy and I will lead you through the process of building an end-to-end sales and marketing plan that helps you select tactics for every stage in the buyer’s journey and to task each tactic with a clear and measurable role.

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