About Nicholas Steffens

Nick is one of align.me’s most experienced Digital Marketing Specialists, and go-to data and analytics expert. He also a specialist in LinkedIn marketing, advertising and in-platform campaigns.

How to use your website data to improve business outcomes

Gathering information about potential customers is a critical component of your B2B marketing strategy. Without it, you won't know where to target your marketing efforts, what strategies to implement or how those efforts are being received. As the saying goes: "what isn't measured can't be managed". Successful business owners understand the importance of assessing the market to make informed decisions that align with internal goals and external market forces. By monitoring how potential customers interact with your website, you can leverage data-driven tactics to improve their experiences; building visibility, engagement, clicks and conversions for your brand. Website READ MORE

Is it worth advertising on search engines other than Google?

Google is, without a doubt, the most used search platform in the world. It sees about 7 billion searches every day, and has become such an integral part of everyday life that it’s transformed from a noun to a verb. The answer to any questions these days? “Google it”. Because Google has the monopoly on search engines, it seems like the obvious place to put an advertisement. Google search and display ads are popular tactics amongst all kinds of businesses. With 86% of the market using Google, your ads have the chance to get in front of READ MORE

What are Smart Links (and how should I use them)?

Many businesses are already utilising LinkedIn as part of their B2B marketing strategy (and if you’re not, we suggest you start now). LinkedIn is a powerful tool for B2B businesses due to its unique capability to target specific audiences and markets, as well as foster legitimate connections and business interactions. Smart Links are a new feature of LinkedIn that was introduced in early 2020. While it is a relatively simple idea, Smart Links have the power to help you get more out of your LinkedIn marketing efforts. In fact, not only can they boost marketing, but aids READ MORE

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