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Hugh Macfarlane is founder and CEO of align.me. He's the author of 'The Leaky Funnel', and hundreds of video blogs, papers and ebooks and a handful of research reports on all things alignment.

Funnel Measurement best practice

A member of our LinkedIn Group - Funnel Management - asked a straight question: what are the best-in-class metrics metrics? The full discussion is within this Funnel Management discussion. We have three sources to draw on in answering this question: Our day-to-day work work in building plans for growth businesses; Occasional detailed funnel metrics work for larger clients - diving deep into their funnel and looking for incremental improvements every month or quarter (Kaizen for the funnel) The sales and marketing alignment study we did with MarketingProfs.com where we looked - amongst other things - at the READ MORE

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Excellent insights into social media (mainly blogging)

Just listened to an excellent webinar with Chris Baggott from Compendium - also co-founder of Exact Target. It was hosted by Tobias Schremmer of MarketingProfs. Key points I heard: 80% of people who read your blog entries are strangers. So blogging is an excellent way to get found for the first (and only) time. Sure, try to 'sell' RSS link, but sell some other next step. My take: blogging is part credential, and part troubling. So make sure the blog entry is discussing how the problem plays out, and make explicit the link to the next ste. READ MORE

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How much of your ‘list’ isn’t there anymore?

A customer / fellow Funnel Fiend recently sent me a link to an article by John Gibbs discussing the effect of a recessed economy on the funnel. You can read it here https://marketingexecutives.biz/The-Waning-Marketing-Funnel His basic argument is that during the downturn, many people on your list have moved on - more than usual. One of the solutions posed of course is to outsource your list. If normal tenure of a contact on your target list is 3 years, then you can be assured that every year 33% of your list is wrong. 3% a month. If you READ MORE

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How to align your b2b marketing to the way businesses buy

Hugh was recently in Paris helping Cisco gain additional velocity in the funnels of their partners. He presented along with Martin Lindstrom, William Aruda, Marc Lewis and many others. Prior to the presentation, Hugh gave a short interview introducing the buyer's journey.   Would you rather see the Funnel Vision articles as video (like this) or text (as they are usually)? Please let us know by commenting below.

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We’re looking for sales, marketing and training professionals

Your experience as a sales and marketing professional has already given you strong and grounded insights into what works and what doesn’t. And because you’re an avid reader / student of great B2B sales and marketing, you’ve got all the theories down pat.But there’s a substantial gap in the market, and you might be just the person to fill it. Sales and marketing alignment remains a top priority for 1 in 3 of the C-suite of global businesses, despite (or perhaps because of) a shrinking global market. Your experience as a sales and marketing professional has already READ MORE

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