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What colleges should be teaching Marketing majors

Marketing, like  most things in life, is completely different than it was 10 years ago. We are moving to a more social and more personalized web, which means that customers desire a more customized, relevant experience. Unfortunately, most universities and colleges are still preaching ye olde marketing curriculum. Recently, Lauren Carlson, producer at CRMSoftware.TV, sat down with some current marketing gurus to discuss what skills are really needed for success today. Kipp Bodnar, HubSpot Eric Holmen, Silverpop Adam Steinberg, Silverpop The discussion was very interesting. One point that was brought up was in regards to success in READ MORE

What revenue performance management can do for you

If you are at all familiar with marketing automation, you will have heard the term "Revenue Performance Management" floating around quite a bit. But what exactly is it and why is it relevant to you? Revenue performance management is a deeper level of marketing automation that provides more insight into the funnel, and therefore helps marketers better understand the buyer's journey. Additionally, it provides a deeper set of analytics, making it possible for marketers to better measure the effectiveness of campaigns, as well as the overall ROI that marketing provides. For an area of the company READ MORE

Is VC Funding the Best Strategy? A Look at Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software is still considered a relative newcomer in the enterprise software space. However, there are new entrants popping up regularly, leading to a lot of activity and buzz in the market. With the growth in this space, the topic of venture capital comes up fairly often. Some vendors are taking on new rounds from top tier VCs, while others are pursuing what they perceive to be the more sustainable method of bootstrapping. I decided to explore both ends of spectrum: from the Marketos that have raised $58 million in VC funding to the Pardots that READ MORE

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