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How to create unforgettable PowerPoint presentations

  By Inka Wibowo As marketers, we use PowerPoint presentations at multiple points in the buyer’s journey – as digital assets on Slideshare to position with prospective buyers, and in sales meetings with prospects. We also use them internally to train others, and to report on campaign progress. It’s a tool that we use to communicate, and to engage audiences both visually and verbally. PowerPoint is therefore an undeniably powerful marketing tool. Yet, how many times have you walked away from someone else’s PowerPoint presentation without remembering a single word of what was said? If you have, it’s not your READ MORE

The 5 key ingredients for Twitter success

By Inka Wibowo As B2B marketers, everything we do comes down to one goal: creating buyers. To do this, we often need to start at the very beginning – even before buyers know who we are, what we do, and that they have a problem we can solve. We get buyers started on this journey by reaching out to them, and initiating a conversation – a conversation that we hope will one day create a troubled and qualified buyer. Social media is one way to start this conversation, but with so many different networks at our disposal, READ MORE

Is Google+ relevant to B2B marketing?

By Inka Wibowo When it comes to Google+, the B2B marketing community seems to be divided into three distinct camps. There are those who live and breathe it, hailing it as the next big thing in social media. There are those who understand that it may one day be a key part of their marketing mix, but for now can’t justify doing any more than setting up their profile and posting every once in a while. And then there are the cynics, who view it as Google’s adventurous yet ill-fated attempt to compete with the likes of READ MORE

5 Reasons Why Events are a Must-Do B2B Marketing Tactic

At align.me, we run a lot of B2B marketing events – for ourselves and for our Marketing Services clients These range from small, boardroom discussions with just a handful of prospects in a room; to larger, forum-style events with various decision makers and companies in attendance. Regardless of the size or format, the objective is always the same: to get a bunch of targeted individuals together, and have them acknowledge the problems they face in their business – problems that we, surprise surprise, happen to be well-equipped to solve. Although events require a lot of preparation READ MORE

B2B marketing: Unleash true powers of Google AdWords

By Inka Wibowo. Although it’s easy to understand the advantages of using Google AdWords in B2C marketing, the benefits for B2B marketing are less clear. While campaign success can be easily quantified in B2C, effectiveness is much harder to measure in B2B. This is because the journey for consumer buyers is very different to that of business buyers. In B2C, a typical journey will see a B2C buyer recognise a need for a product (informed by their awareness of the solutions that are available), then go on Google to search for it. They see a compelling READ MORE

2011 Miller Heiman Sales Summit

The annual Miller Heiman Sales Performance Summit will be held on the 23rd of June, in Walsh Bay, Sydney. The annual Miller Heiman Sales Performance Summit is for sales leaders who are committed to improving their organisation's ability to consistently find, win, and keep profitable business. The event is an opportunity to hear best practices, case studies, and key insights to help you fully leverage the role of Miller Heiman sales methodologies in the ongoing improvement and success of your sales organisation. Miller Heiman is an organisation admired around the world as the leader in the area READ MORE

align.me releases new B2B marketing whitepaper on ‘The Strategy to Action Gap’

October 26th 2010, Melbourne, VIC, AU - align.me today announced the release of its latest B2B marketing white paper, The Strategy to Action Gap: How to Turn Good Ideas into Hard Sales Results, now available to download for free. In their many years of work with leading B2B companies worldwide, the team at align.me have witnessed first-hand the difficulties of translating marketing strategy into action. They have found that formulating a killer strategy is useless if it is executed poorly, or worse – not executed at all. Yet so many businesses still have difficulty translating their ideas READ MORE

ADMA and align.me partner: new B2B marketing training

15 September, 2010, Melbourne, VIC, AU – ADMA, Australia’s leading marketing association, has announced its plans to deliver a brand-new B2B marketing course, B2B Marketing Strategy. The course, which is based on B2B specialist align.me’s globally-renowned Funnel Academy program, is set to launch in October, and will be delivered in Sydney and Melbourne. Recognising that B2B-specific marketing practice is an area that many marketers struggle with, Richard Pester, ADMA’s director of Education and Training, selected align.me as a training partner based on their experience in guiding the marketing efforts of over 300 companies worldwide. He said: “B2B READ MORE

Keep a regular call cycle with key prospects

By Inka Wibowo You have a prospect that you’ve been trying to progress for months. Every time you’ve called them, you’ve gotten nowhere; and lately, you’ve been running out of reasons to keep in touch. Suddenly, fate intervenes – Marketing wants to write an article, and they need your prospect’s expert opinion. You can hardly contain your excitement as you pick up the phone with a legitimate reason to call. They answer the phone, and say the words you’ve been dreaming about for months: “Ah, perfect timing. An exciting opportunity has come up and we’d like to READ MORE

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