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Regular healthchecks….on the key customer interfaces with Sales and Service

The medicos tell us that it is good fundamental health and wellbeing practice to undertake a regular health assessment. You know the stuff………blood pressure, cholesterol, weight: height ratios, lifestyle questionnaires etc –  a simple and quick way to ensure our all-important health and wellbeing is on track. The same principles apply to B2B sales organisations. […]

To market, to market, to buy a fat pig…

The term “market” must be just about the most over bandied term in…ironically…marketing. As Sales and Marketers, we use the term occasionally when we mean market. Accidentally or with educated intent. We also use it on occasion when we mean customer segment. And sometimes when we mean value chain. And sometimes when we should use […]

Striking the right balance of sales and service

A good sales professional not only finds new win-win opportunities to sell additional products or services to meet the customer’s evolving needs, but also takes personal accountability as the “go to” point of reference for all issues  relating to ordering and delivery of the customer’s requirements. The balance depends on the nature of your product or service, […]

Choose the right sales training for your business

Glenn Guilfoyle, Founder & Principal of The Next Level, writes… Spin Selling. Solution Selling. Conceptual Selling. New Conceptual Selling. Professional Selling Skills. The list goes on and on. The Sales sections of bookstores are loaded with them. Since the mid 1980s, professional selling started to garner enough respect to be studied and written about. The […]