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Get Your Content Found: 5 Step Guide for B2B Marketer

A key challenge B2B marketers face when it comes to content marketing is coming up with the content itself - that is, what exactly to talk about. But that's only one part of the story. Ultimately, content marketing is about generating leads, and the way you distribute your content is actually what makes or breaks the success of your efforts. Ensuring your content gets found is hard work! We've broken it down into 5 steps: #1 Come up with good content You need to have something valuable to say, that people will want to read because it READ MORE

How B2B Marketers Must Adjust to Shrinking Deal Sizes

According to Marketing Sherpa data just released, average B2B deal sizes are shrinking. What does this mean for the B2B Marketer? Its implications are highly significant. So if the average deal size changes, so does your marketing maths; your funnel velocity will now have to be higher to make the same revenue. Revenue Goal = Deal Size x Leakage x Lag x Buyer's Stage Where leakage means the number of deals that leak from stage to stage of your go to market funnel and lag is the time it takes for deals to close. So to achieve READ MORE

10 A/B test Do’s & Don’ts for B2B Marketers

When was the last time you tested some part of your marketing? If it takes a bit of thought, you're probably not doing it enough. The problem with that is, even just a minor test can go a long way - improving traffic, leads, and even sales if done right. And if you're not taking advantage of some simple A/B testing tactics, you could be missing out on some major marketing improvements. So without further ado, I present to you 10 great dos and don'ts of A/B testing to motivate you to get moving and start doing READ MORE

Top 3 priorities for B2B marketers: Marketing Sherpa

According to new research from MarketingSherpa, published recently by eMarketer.com, marketers are concerned primarily with 3 stages of the marketing funnel. While 60% of B2B marketers revealed that lead generation is their top priority, converting leads into customers trailed closely behind with 57%. This is good and bad news. What this tells us is that increasingly marketers understand that their primary role is to contribute directly to the business in the form of one key metric: revenue. Its really, really good news because it shows that marketers are increasingly acknowledging that they form a key part of READ MORE

How B2B firms use LinkedIn for effective lead generation

When I ask Australian B2B firms if social media and LinkedIn in particular has a place in their communications and marketing strategy I generally get a look that could best be described as worried or hesitant and occasionally dismissive. If I go on to ask them if they think LinkedIn can generate real leads for their business, that worried look disappears and is replaced with looks of disbelief and guffaws of (usually) well meaning laugher. Many B2B firms are struggling with what to do with social media. They know they need to do something, that they should READ MORE

B2B marketers should be sadists

Are you a sadist B2B marketer? You should be...and here's why! You should want your targeted buyer to be in pain, real pain. Pain, in business terms, is the impact of severe problems that are without a solution. Your buyers should be in so much pain that they are desperate to stop the agony. If your targeted buyer has a problem in their business that is causing the business to suffer, then they will make a decision, they will take action to stop the pain...and they probably won't be asking for a discount! As sellers you want READ MORE

Add Calls To Action (CTAs) to drive lead conversion

Calls To Action (CTAs) are relatively simple devices that are so often overlooked by b2b marketers in their inbound marketing campaigns. Getting quality traffic to your site can be hard work so you should spend some effort to keep them there, nurturing the lead, engaging with them further and pulling them down the funnel towards making a purchasing decision. Is it really good enough to end your blog article with a generic "what do you think?" and hope for a flood of comments? How much better to end the blog with a well designed, clear CTA button READ MORE

Why lead generation is time-wasting for B2B Marketers

Those of us who provide marketing services and solutions for B2B Marketers get to speak with many, many marketers and organisations during the course of a year. Its one of the best parts of my job. I have had four prospect meetings this week. It was a week of extremes. On one end of the spectrum I met with a gargantuan international Telco and at the opposite extreme a classic smart, entrepreneurial small software business. What I found interesting was despite almost every facet of their businesses being so different, they had the same issue. Content. The READ MORE

Inbound marketing adoption data: are you getting left behind?

Chris Fell, Managing Director of g2m Solutions, writes... The majority of B2B organisations are increasing marketing budgets for inbound marketing tactics: social media, virtual events and webinars, SEO and PPC. When considering outbound marketing tactics, such as telemarketing, direct mail and print advertising, the majority of B2B organisations are either not changing, or they're reducing budgets. The growing trend to use inbound marketing tactics is due to the cost-effective reputations of these marketing channels. Applying these with established Sales Funnel processes that include a lead-nurturing stage for non-sales-ready leads, and lead scoring methodologies to determine when a lead is ready to READ MORE

Top 10 ‘must do’s’ to deliver quality leads

Chris Fell, Managing Director of g2m Solutions, writes... In the course of building your content marketing strategy, you will build a powerful, meaningful relationship with your target audience; one that is built on mutual respect and understanding. So what is content marketing? It means building valuable content that you give willingly to your contacts, leads, qualified prospects and customers in order to: Expand their understanding of the issues they face; assist them to clarify what's wrong; and help them understand how best to fix their problems at a time and in a format that suits them best. In short, it's READ MORE

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