Hugh Macfarlane’s featured keynote at DemandCon in May 2011 now available as an interactive video.

July 8, 2011, Melbourne, VIC, AU – Hugh Macfarlane, Founder and CEO of and author of The Leaky Funnel, was a featured keynote at DemandCon in May 2011. He then joined Funnel Coach, Charles Besondy, to run a full day Funnel Plan training workshop with the foremost thinkers in B2B demand generation.

His keynote was centred on a topic that has made it to AMA’s Top 10 list of primary focus areas two years in a row – Sales and Marketing alignment, and drew from the findings of a landmark study into the topic which surveyed 1400 companies across 84 countries.

During the presentation, Hugh revealed, “Alignment doesn’t come from understanding each other, holding hands, or sharing a boss, but from being committed to the same Objectives, Strategy, Tactics and Measures.”

Hugh’s keynote is now available as an interactive video produced by Visible Gains, allowing viewers to watch only the chapters they’re interested in:

  • Objectives & Strategy
  • Velocity
  • Tactics

Watch this interactive video now.

Within each topic, Hugh presents multiple case studies that demonstrate how leading companies have used Objectives, Strategy, Tactics and Plan to create alignment, and how best practice within each has evolved.

To help you to catch up with the latest in funnel management, we are pleased to offer this interactive recording of Hugh Macfarlane’s featured keynote presentation at DemandCon.