22 November, Melbourne – align.me is pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Furness of Manufacturship, as an accredited Funnel Coach.

After successfully completing his accreditation in Melbourne on the 9th of November, Jason will now sell and deliver Funnel Academy and Funnel Camp across Australia.

Jason’s career spans over 20 years in manufacturing enterprises where he has overseen the turnaround, transition, or transformation of many projects from single production lines through to entire business units of over 600 people as a General Manager.

He has particular expertise in and passion for businesses located in regional Australia.

As a General Manager, over a 3-year period in the middle of the GFC he led the Electrolux plant in Orange through a transformation program which took it from breakeven to 18% profit with multiple new export markets and the transfer of product lines from South East Asia back to Australia, all with no net job losses.

As an independent consultant he has worked on over 30 projects creating breakthrough results for SMEs from micro through to large-medium sized business.

As CEO, Jason oversees the development and delivery of the core manufacturship curriculum, leads the mentoring of business owners and managers through the core manufacturship process, and sponsors all manufacturship client projects. Several of these projects have been part of the implementation of Actions Plans from Enterprise Connect Business Reviews.

Funnel Academy – marketing training is a combination of classroom-style teaching, team workshops and peer networking, and ramps the performance of B2B marketing professionals with training in forming strategy, building campaigns, selecting tactics and measuring results.

Of Funnel Academy, Hugh Macfarlane – Founder & CEO of align.me – says, “B2B marketers face complicated challenges. We can provide them with the tools to develop clear marketing plans and the skills to align their plans with their sales organization. The result is greater sales success.”

Funnel Camp – marketing planning is a unique planning approach which addresses the most common sales and marketing management issue in business today – lack of alignment. Funnel Camp aligns sales and marketing leaders around a single plan – blisteringly clear and highly actionable – so that the confusion that arises from separate marketing plans and sales plans is eliminated.

Both products are underpinned by align.me’s proven B2B sales and marketing methodology, Funnel Logic.

Designed to increase prospect progression through the sales funnel, Funnel Logic dramatically improves sales and marketing effectiveness. At its core are four key principles regarding how sales and marketing are conducted in the best-run B2B businesses:

  • The aggregate Sales / Marketing function should build its activities around a clear and singular view of the buyers’ journey (not the sales cycle);
  • This journey should be dimensioned (how many prospects will progress through each stage of this journey over time);
  • The plans of Marketing and Sales should detail how they intend (together) to cause this progression; and
  • The actual progression should be measured, so that tactics which work can be bolstered, and those which do not can be shelved.

align.me welcomes Jason to the fold, and wishes him all the best as a seller and deliverer of Funnel Academy and Funnel Camp.

Jason Furness
Phone: +61 1300 226 121
Email: [email protected]

About align.me
Over 300 projects, twelve years and five continents, align.me has helped many companies to ramp the performance of their Sales and Marketing engines with clear plans and the skills to execute.

Our network of experienced and highly trained planning and training consultants (we call them Funnel Coaches) operate across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. They have the tools, processes and experience to help you to accelerate the growth of your business.

Funnel Coaches follow a proven methodology, and can ramp the performance of your Sales and Marketing engine by:

  • Helping you to create a blisteringly clear sales and marketing plan that the whole team buys into; and
  • Ensuring you execute that plan with precision, by increasing your team’s skills with proven marketing training and sales training.

Clients include AXA, CA, Canon, Ernst & Young, GE, IBM, NEC, Nokia, Oracle, SAP, Sony, Telstra, Vodafone and World Vision.

  • These businesses were wrestling with at least one of a number of common problems:
  • They lack a clear plan for growth;
  • Their team has gaps in their B2B marketing skills;
  • Members of their team just don’t ‘get it’; or
  • Sales and Marketing are not aligned.

In addressing these common problems, align.me created Funnel Logic™. Developed as a unique approach to sales and marketing, Funnel Logic unlocks the keys to B2B growth by:

  • Understanding the buying process (we call it the Buyer’s Journey);
  • Knowing how many buyers need to take each step and over what time;
  • Selecting tactics capable of moving buyers through these steps; and
  • Measuring the actual results and continuously improving.