14 April, 2010, Melbourne, VIC, AU – For the first time ever, two of the most innovative minds on sales and marketing productivity, Hugh Macfarlane of align.me and John Cousineau of Innovative Information, have teamed together to present the latest Funnel Forum webinar, titled ‘How to Select Tactics and Know What’s Working’.

The 45-minute webinar, which has already been downloaded by over 500 listeners around the world, has been the most downloaded Funnel Forum to date. Hugh and John, CEOs of align.me and Innovative Information respectively, combine their wealth of business experience to provide hard-hitting insights into the reasons why an aligned Sales and Marketing approach, combined with metrics that measure Return-on-Effort, is the key to helping B2B companies identify which tactics are effective, and which to discard.

According to Hugh, businesses often make the mistake of selecting and executing sales and marketing tactics in an ad-hoc, arbitrary fashion. This all-too-common problem is a sign of divergent Sales and Marketing teams that lack shared objectives, strategy, tactics and measures.

During the webinar, Hugh and John reveal the 3 keys to selecting the right tactics:

  • Assess where everybody stands by identifying the objectives, strategies, tactics and measures currently held by Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations
  • Plan for demand by building a clear plan that is based on agreed objectives, strategy, tactics and measures aligned to the Buyer’s Journey
  • Get bang for buck by capturing metrics that reveal Sales and Marketing’s Return-on-Effort, and evolve tactic selection and execution accordingly

If your Sales and Marketing teams are struggling to select tactics that work for your business, a recording of this month’s Funnel Forum, ‘How to Select Tactics and Know They’re Working’, is available for download for free.

For qualified businesses, align.me will also conduct a FREE alignment review of your senior leadership team’s understanding of your objectives, strategy, tactics and measures. We’ll provide you with a crisp report into the key gaps in your business, and what you can do to fix these gaps.