October 26th 2010, Melbourne, VIC, AU – align.me today announced the release of its latest B2B marketing white paper, The Strategy to Action Gap: How to Turn Good Ideas into Hard Sales Results, now available to download for free.

In their many years of work with leading B2B companies worldwide, the team at align.me have witnessed first-hand the difficulties of translating marketing strategy into action. They have found that formulating a killer strategy is useless if it is executed poorly, or worse – not executed at all. Yet so many businesses still have difficulty translating their ideas into action that produces hard sales results.

align.me has uncovered 3 overriding reasons for this “strategy to action gap” – and, more importantly, identified the 3 proven steps you can take to turn strategy into action and results.

These insights are now available in align.me’s latest white paper. In it, business leaders can learn how to:

  • Make their selling strategy connect better with their buyers’ needs;
  • Take what they already know and make it work harder and faster for them; and
  • Get their whole team on board.

To start turning your great business ideas into action that produces results, download align.me’s free whitepaper on The Strategy to Action Gap now.