December 20th, 2010, Melbourne, VIC, AU – is pleased to announce Brett Bonser’s participation in the webinar, ‘Ask the Experts: Webinar Production, Promotion and Presentation’.

A growing number of organisations around the world are embracing new and innovative web-based marketing tactics. Increasingly, one of the most popular and effective online tools is the webinar.

‘Ask the Experts: Webinar Production, Promotion and Presentation’ is the latest production by Citrix’s GoToWebinar. It is an informative online session exploring the benefits of webinars, whilst also offering an insight into their technical and creative construction.

In our years of work with B2B companies, we’ve experienced first-hand the benefits that a well crafted suite of online marketing tactics can deliver. The webinar has continued to evolve to be a tool that lets you:

  • Present “to the minute” information to an uncapped online audience;
  • Experience real-time interaction with your prospects and customers; and, most importantly
  • Establish your business as a thought leader within your industry.

In this unique and informative webinar, you will learn:

  • Proven practices when planning and producing a webinar
  • How to market and promote your webinar
  • How to connect personally with your virtual audience
  • How to execute a webinar flawlessly
  • How our experts turned their webinar failures into successes Director, Brett Bonser, draws on his personal experiences producing and implementing webinars for, and’s clients. Brett is joined by Suzi Dafnis, Community Director of the Australian Businesswomen’s Network, and online specialist and broadcast veteran, Nigel Russell.

About originated in Melbourne, Australia, and is represented throughout the major centers of the US and Canada.

Across five continents, has served many leading and aspiring businesses who seek to align Sales and Marketing and pursue growth.

These include AXA, CA, Canon, Ernst & Young, GE, IBM, NEC, Nokia, Oracle, SAP, Sony, Telstra, Vodafone and World Vision.

These businesses have been wrestling with at least one of a number of common problems:

  • They lack a clear plan for growth;
  • Their team has gaps in their B2B marketing skills;
  • Members of their team just don’t ‘get it’; or
  • Sales and Marketing are not aligned.

In addressing these common problems, created Funnel Logic™. Developed as a unique approach to sales and marketing, Funnel Logic unlocks the keys to B2B growth by:

  • Understanding the buying process (we call it the Buyer’s Journey);
  • Knowing how many buyers need to take each step and over what time;
  • Selecting tactics capable of moving buyers through these steps; and
  • Measuring the actual results and continuously improving.